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Welcome To Hot Kicks is a website created by workers working in several top factories. Therefore, we have a good friendship with some top sports shoe factories!

At present, we mainly sell two batches of sneakers, namely the LJR series and the OG series. Hotkicks hopes that all sneaker lovers can buy their favorite sneakers here! If you have any questions about shoes,  you can contact us via Whatsapp (+852 62981255) and @hotkicks_shop on Instagram!

Normaly, we will response to you during working time:
Washington Time: 9pm to 9am,
London Time: 2am to 2pm.

Contact customer service when you place an order and a 10% discount coupon will be sent to you

How to Complete The Order

First of all, Hotkicks support Debit Card/Credit Card/PayPal payment. Hotkicks need you to leave your contact information in the remarks of the order, which is limited to WhtasApp, Instagram and Gmail. This allows us to assist you to complete the payment and check the order information (shoe size and delivery address) with you after your payment is successful.

Hotkicks Blog

  • Feb 7, 2023 Hotkicks Tell You Nike SB x AJ4 Release Date Leaked!

    hotkicks tells you that many brands have gone further and further on the road of joint names in recent years. Especially Nike, not only cooperates with major fashion brands, but also often cooperates with its own brands. As early as 2014, it brought two pairs of Mandarin Duck Scratch Nike SB x Air Jordan 1 Lance Mountain .

  • Feb 6, 2023 Hotkicks Tell You Dunk SB new product official picture!

    Hotkicks tells you the popularity of Nike Dunk SB. It goes without saying. In the past two years, whether it is a heavy joint name or a bright color scheme, almost all of them have super popularity. Some time ago, Nike teamed up with Born x Raised, a hardcore street brand in Los Angeles, USA, to launch a new color matching Nike Dunk SB, and once exposed, it attracted countless fans with a lot of details.

  • Feb 3, 2023 Hotkicks Tell You New Nike Dunk Colorways!

    hotkicks tells you that the whole pair of shoes is made of white nubuck leather with lychee grain leather to build the body of the shoe. The biggest highlight is that the heel is embellished with delicate heart elements, conveying the sweet atmosphere of Valentine's Day.

Hot Kicks is a website created by workers working in several top factories. Each worker has more than 5 years of service, so the quality and version of the shoes can basically meet your needs. The shoes produced by Hotkicks are all produced by large-scale factories with large-scale and standardized production workshops and assembly lines, as well as advanced production equipment. Basically, there will be no problems of wrong shoe shape and poor quality. Before leaving the factory, we will check the quality of the goods to ensure that the products delivered to customers are intact. Hot Kicks have a professional customer service system, and professional customer service personnel will propose solutions to your satisfaction according to your different problems. Hotkicks will send you quality inspection photos before shipment (3-5 days process). If you are not satisfied with the quality inspection photos, we can change your shoes or give a full refund! After you confirm that there is no problem with the quality inspection photos, Hot Kicks will ship the goods!

The two top factories we mainly cooperate with are OG and LJR

What are OG and LJR?

OG: It is the old version of Putian. OG is the abbreviation of original, pure Chinese translation. OG batches are all high-quality, made of authentic materials. Every pair of Og sneakers is inspected before shipment to ensure that it meets the highest quality standards.

LJR: They are shoes made by a foundry run by a man named Liu Jiarui in Putian. He is mainly known for his AJ and coconut style. The shoes from the Liujiarui factory are known for their high quality and high similarity to the original shoes. In the factory, he called the abbreviated name of this pair of shoes "LJR version", and some people called it "Guan Ding", which is the highest version in his area.

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