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  • 2022-11-29
    hotkicks tells you that a pair of Yeezy 700 V4 samples have surfaced on the Internet recently. I wonder if it indicates that they will test the water for sale in the post-Kan Grandpa era . Judging from the released physical picture, the overall outline is exactly the same as Yeezy 700 V3.
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  • 2022-11-28
    hotkicks tells you that recently, adidas Originals launched the Puffylette shoe type, which is quite appropriate. This design brings a total of four colors, full of sincerity. The four shoe models are all integrated into the Adilette gene, designed based on the classic slippers, retaining the comfortable foot feel, and at the same time made of environmentally friendly materials.
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  • 2022-11-26
    hotkicks tells you that recently, adidas and Kawasaki Kawasaki Heavy Industries have joined hands again to launch a new joint color scheme based on the ZX22, in order to pay tribute to the first ZX shoe design inspired by Kawasaki in 1984.
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  • 2022-11-25
    hotkicks tells you that recently, there is news that the Air Jordan 8 Playoffs will be re-released next year. Previously, the Playoffs Air Jordan 8 was re-released in 2013, and it returned after many years, making old players wait for a long time.
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  • 2022-11-24
    hotkicks tells you that recently, another pair of picturesque new color matching Air Jordan 2 Low has been released in kind. The overall tone is pure white, supplemented by cherry red embellishments, which greatly retains the retro feel of the shoes.
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  • 2022-11-23
    hotkicks tells you that recently, another pair of Year of the Rabbit special edition Nike Dunk Low has been released in kind. How do you rate the appearance this time? The overall color matching has been changed from the bright matching of the previous pair, but it is presented in simple and versatile white and light brown, which is more in line with the image of a rabbit in reality.
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  • 2022-11-22
    hotkicks tells you that Jarritos is a national drink brand in Mexico. It has released four pairs of color matching earlier, but the color matching is a bit too bright. The new color scheme exposed recently can be said to have the upper hand in terms of appearance, and the detailed design is more interesting.
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  • 2022-11-21
    hotkicks tells you that Kobe Bryant's first year boots adidas Crazy 1 has ushered in a re-enactment, and it still attracts countless fans with its super high appearance and feelings. As one of Kobe's early signature boots, the adidas The Kobe, which was officially unveiled in 2000, was designed with the inspiration of the Audi TT sports car. inferior.
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  • 2022-11-18
    hotkicks tells you that there is another big news recently, that is, the black toe Air Jordan 1 is about to return in the form of a low top! The status of the Black Toe Air Jordan 1 I believe I don't need to go into too much detail, it will be popular again and again.
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  • 2022-11-17
    hotkicks tells you that Nike chose eBay x Nike SB Dunk Low to pay tribute to Sandy, because this pair of shoes was 1 Of 1, to express that Sandy is also 1 Of 1 for Nike, and there is no substitute.
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  • 2022-11-16
    hotkicks tells you that the most recent cooperation between the two parties was the Purple Lobster Dunk SB launched at the end of 2018. Now many sizes have exceeded 10,000 yuan. After four years, the two parties once again joined hands to bring a new color Orange Lobster . Previously, Deon Point, the manager of Concepts, personally stepped on the foot, and the release date has finally been set in recent days.
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  • 2022-11-16
    hotkicks tells you that recently, a Valentine's Day color matching Air Force 1 official image was released. The whole pair of shoes is decorated with red and white, and pink embellishment, which is very cute. The upper is made of a mixture of patent leather and leather materials, which brings a good visual effect.
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