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Hotkicks Tell You Dunk SB rare joint new color matching!

Nov 22, 2022
Hotkicks Tell You Dunk SB rare joint new color matching!
Nike Dunk SB is not necessarily the most co-branded of all sneakers, but it is certainly one of the most spent co-branded.
Any food and beverage company can be co-branded, such as the recently exposed Jarritos x Nike Dunk SB Low.
Jarritos is a national beverage brand in Mexico. It has released four pairs of color matching earlier, but the color matching is a bit too bright.
The new color scheme exposed recently can be said to have the upper hand in terms of appearance, and the detailed design is more interesting.
For example, the upper is rarely made of linen material, and the Logo on the back of the shoe is also different from the previously exposed styles.
The logos of both parties are embellished on the heel to highlight the joint identity.

It is reported that the new Jarritos x Nike SB Dunk Low will debut next spring.

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