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Hotkicks Tell You New Nike Dunk Low Exposure!

Jan 12, 2023
Hotkicks Tell You New Nike Dunk Low Exposure!
The first one is the "bagel" Dunk! In the past two years, more and more food-themed sneakers have begun to occupy the players' vision and gained a lot of popularity. Recently, a pair of new color matching Nike Dunk Low released physical pictures. Inspired by the very popular "bagel" bread in North America, it is also a very popular delicacy in China recently. The bagel element is embodied in the frame of the upper, and with the dense sesame pattern, you want to eat it just by looking at it. The Swoosh on the shoe side is presented in blue to add more visual layers. Finally, the raw rubber outsole is the finishing touch, releasing the retro temperament.


The second one is the "Pokémon" theme! Overseas sneaker customizer Andrew Chiou is already an old friend of ours. Hotkicks has brought you his customized anime-themed sneakers many times before. Since the "Dragon Ball" series, Andrew Chiou has once again focused his attention on "Pokémon" and created a series of custom sneakers. In addition to the three Air Jordan 4s that have been released before, this time based on the Nike Dunk Low, it brings a new custom color matching of "Ba Da Hu". Inspired by the famous scene of Xiao Zhi, the owner of the animation "Pokémon", bid farewell to Ba Dahu and his wife in the sunset. Friends who are familiar with animation should know that this scene is one of the top ten scenes in the entire Pokémon history. Speaking of shoes, this time there are two pairs, one blue and one pink, representing the image of Ba Dahu and his wife. The unique texture of Bada butterfly wings is drawn on the upper, which is lifelike and fully recognizable. Andrew Chiou's best two-dimensional style is also vividly displayed, which looks like shoes in animation to the naked eye. The other two pairs of shoes look very harmonious.

Dunk Low

The third one is retro style! The popularity of the Nike Dunk series must be obvious to all. With its versatile shape and diverse color schemes, it has won the favor of a kind of sneaker players. Recently, a new Nike Dunk Low was officially exposed. The whole pair of shoes is decorated with classic white and black, embellished with blue, and has a strong retro temperament. The upper is crafted from leather and nubuck for a premium feel. The side of the shoe has a blue and black gradient Nike Swoosh Logo. The white midsole is finished with a black outsole to complete the design of the whole pair of shoes.

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