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Hotkicks Tell You Some shoe models of Air Jordan 1!

Jan 13, 2023
Hotkicks Tell You Some shoe models of Air Jordan 1!
Air Jordan 1 OG: After its birth in 1985, except for the two first-year re-enactments in 1994 and 2001, the shoes that were re-engraved in the first year all have the word OG, the abbreviation of ORIGINAL. The reprinted in 1994 and 2001 have no flying man logo on the heel, and after 2001, they all have the flying man LOGO (both versions were reprinted in 2013)! The Air Jordan 1 OG shoes you can buy today are all without logo on the heel, Nike Air on the tongue, the upper is about 3-4cm higher than ordinary ones, the leather is soft, and there are 9 shoelace holes on one side (except for women's shoes) . Not all Air Jordan 1 OG colorways are original year! In the re-enacted version in 2001, each pair of shoes will have a number on the inside of the tongue, and each pair has a trapeze pendant, which is rare!


AIR JORDAN 1 RETRO MID When Air Jordan 1 was engraved in 1989, it was the first large-scale 8-hole version of retro. Later, this version that was easier to wear casually was called AIR JORDAN 1 RETRO MID. Now you can buy Air Jordan 1 Mid shoes have the trapeze logo on the heel, the tongue is marked with the trapeze logo, the upper is about 3-4cm shorter than the OG shoe, the leather is softer than the OG shoe, and there are 8 shoelace holes on one side (except for women's shoes) The price is lower.

Jordan 1

AIR JORDAN 1 LOW: In the first year of AJ 1, there was no low top on the field; so the low top AJ 1 did not use RETRO to define itself, but in fact this light and comfortable low top is more in line with today's AJ shopping shoes position. This shoe type is also the earliest Air Jordan 1 LOW shoe type. (Currently re-engraved is also this type of shoe) Because NIKE changed the name of other ordinary re-engraved except for the first-year re-enactment and specific re-enactment to PHAT since 2009, so it is not the AIR JORDAN 1 LOW of the first year. The style name also began to add PHAT.

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