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Hotkicks Tell You This pair of AJs has a high-quality texture!

Nov 24, 2022
Hotkicks Tell You This pair of AJs has a high-quality texture!
The Jordan Brand family has countless classic shoes, and each player's favorite sneaker is different.
But if you want to say Jordan Brand's favorite shoes this year, the Air Jordan 2 is definitely one of them.
From OFF-WHITE x Air Jordan 2 Low to A Ma Maniére, Union joint name, and the "Chicago" color scheme that will be released at the end of the year, it is enough to see how much Air Jordan 2 is valued.
Recently, another pair of picturesque new color matching Air Jordan 2 Low has been released in kind.
The overall tone is pure white, supplemented by cherry red embellishments, which greatly retains the retro feel of the shoes.
The material is covered with a large area of leather, and the original crocodile texture on the side of the shoe is replaced with suede, bringing the excellent texture of Air Jordan 2 as always.
Compared with the nine-hole "Chicago" Air Jordan 2 that will be released on December 30, this pair of cherry color schemes exudes a more dynamic temperament.

Moreover, the low-top version avoids the trouble of bloating on the feet. What do you think of this new pair of colors?

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