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Hotkicks tells you How to match a princess dress with shoes

Jan 24, 2022
Hotkicks tells you how to match shoes with princess dresses

1. White princess dress + brown leather shoes

White is a very pure color. This white princess dress is simple in style, paired with a pair of small brown leather shoes, very literary.

2. Pink princess dress + beige square heel sandals

This pink princess dress is made of mesh and looks like a little fairy. Pair with beige square-heeled sandals for a sweet and elegant look.

3. White polka dot princess dress + beige sandals

The beige shoes are very versatile, and the color is very similar to our skirt, so the legs are visually long, and it is very elegant to match with the white polka dot princess skirt.

4. Beige princess dress + golden lace-up ballet shoes

This beige princess dress is a very sweet style. The mesh material is very fairy. Then match it with a pair of golden lace-up ballet shoes, a proper little fairy.

Hotkicks tells you a full princess dress

1. White straw hat + polka dot envelope bag + white strapless princess dress

Matching comments: The whole set is mainly white, and the matching of polka dot handbags brings a little difference to the simple matching. The addition of women's flat shoes makes the whole set look gentle and approachable.

2. Blue big bow cake skirt + black small high heels + luxurious and exaggerated diamond earrings

Matching Comments: This set is pure light blue. The design of the big bow on the back and the cake skirt makes the girls look like a sweet fondant cake. The combination of black high heels adds a noble touch to this sweetness.

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