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Hotkicks tells you how to wash your shoes if they are moldy

Dec 6, 2021
Hotkicks tells you how to wash your shoes if they become moldy.

When the season is changing, many people will wear their old shoes, but suddenly they find a lot of mold. My God, this is too bad for us, so how do we protect those leather shoes and bags that are prone to mold? There are three ways to clean mildew on leather shoes. You only need soap, vinegar, and alcohol.

Method one / apply a layer of petroleum jelly

1/Apply a layer of Vaseline

Apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly to the moldy parts of the leather. However, the material of suede is easy to change color, so remember to read the product label before making sure that the product has been tested!

Two/Mixed water and rubbing alcohol

If it is still difficult to remove mold after using petroleum jelly, you can mix an equal amount of water with rubbing alcohol to remove stubborn dirt.

Three/wipe off the mold

Moisten it with a sponge or cloth, and gently wipe off the mold on the leather. If it is not easy to remove, you can try several times, but remember not to use too much force! Otherwise it is easy to damage the leather.


Let the leather dry naturally, and then restore its texture with a suede brush. Suede brushes are generally sold in shoe stores. If there are still molds that cannot be removed, you can consult a store or a professional.

Method two/soak soap with sponge

1 / Hair removal mould

Choose a brush with soft bristles and gently brush off molds that are easy to loosen. If the brush is old, you can clean it first. It is recommended to remove mold outdoors to avoid the spread of mold spores indoors, so that more and more parts will be cleaned!

2. Confirm the characteristics of the leather

Make sure your shoes or bag are made of finished leather, which means it is finished and colored. Otherwise, don't get wet. If the color becomes darker after dripping water on the leather, please do not treat it with water or soap.

3. Wash with soap

If there is no problem, wipe the moldy area with a sponge dipped in soap, and then wipe off the mold with a damp cloth. But try to avoid excessive moisture in the leather. If mold is close to the zipper part of the shoe or bag, the inside may also be contaminated by mold, and the entire insole needs to be replaced.

Four/ wipe with diluted alcohol

Mix alcohol and water in a ratio of 1:4, damp the cloth with a cloth, and gently wipe the mold. But don't soak the leather in alcohol thinner, try a small area before wiping to see if it will discolor the leather.


Try to ventilate the inside of the shoe or bag. If the mold is severe, you can even consider fumigation or ozone disinfection.

Method three / apply dilute vinegar

1. Dry brush skin

Try to use a slightly harder nylon brush to remove mildew on the surface of the leather.

2. Dilute vinegar as a cleaning solution

Mix equal amounts of water and vinegar to test whether the leather will change color. If it is confirmed that there is no problem, gently wipe the mold with a soft cloth. Be careful not to use excessive force.

3. Dry the leather

Dry the leather and let it air dry. This method is usually especially suitable for leather shoes, and can also be used on other leather products, but it is necessary to find a suitable ratio of vinegar to ensure that the leather does not change color.

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