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Hotkicks tells you sneakers cleaning taboo

Jan 8, 2022
Hotkicks tells you sneakers cleaning taboo

01. Put the shoes in the cleaning agent and soak them for a long time. This will cause more damage to the shoes. Therefore, during the cleaning process, you only need to soak your sports shoes in water for an appropriate time, not overnight.

02. In general, avoid cleaning the insoles. The role of insoles is very important, especially the insoles of sports shoes. The material changes greatly, and it will be very uncomfortable during exercise. So if the insole has a peculiar smell, you can remove the insole and place it in a well-ventilated place. Or use shoe deodorant to remove odors. If it is dirty, rinse the insoles under the tap, and then gently scrub with a soft brush. Do not use any detergent, otherwise the fabric may fall off.

03. To remove peculiar smell, it is best to clean it thoroughly with white wine or white vinegar. After the shoes are washed, put a pot of warm water and a small amount of white vinegar to soak the shoes for half an hour. You can also sprinkle some white wine directly. Due to the high volatility of wine, the peculiar smell of sports shoes can also be taken away when it volatilizes.

04. The washed sports shoes should be protected from direct sunlight. White sports shoes can be wrapped in toilet paper. The best way is to put the sports shoes in a ventilated place to dry, and after drying, apply an appropriate amount of care ointment to the upper to protect the upper.

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