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Hotkicks tells you what shoes look good with jeans

Jan 13, 2022
Hotkicks tells you what shoes look good with jeans

1. Jeans + pointed shoes

Flared jeans should be slightly modified for the leg shape. Wear yours with pointed-toe shoes, which will inadvertently complement your slender legs. This kind of collocation effect is always admirable and will not look very childish. For feminine outfits, I believe that many women in the workplace will also choose this type of shoe style. After all, the aura is still very important, increasing the sense of maturity!

2. Jeans + canvas shoes

Jeans and espadrilles are the best choice for many schoolgirls, especially those who do not walk or shop for daily activities. Comfortable shoes are perfect not only because they are comfortable but also stylish when paired with a variety of jeans. The common collocation combinations are very versatile, and any one is particularly good-looking. Girls who are in a hurry to go out don't have to worry, a pair of canvas shoes can do it!

3. Jeans + dad shoes

I like the street style look? I'm afraid my jeans won't taste good? Choose a pair of daddy shoes with a casual concave shape. Being handsome is 100% successful. Also, dad shoes have always been popular and feel the same way. Any single item of clothing can be matched, fashionable and beautiful, relaxed and lively image, full of coolness, retro fashion sense, always make people very energetic, young and energetic!

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4. Jeans + white shoes

When jeans meet small white shoes, it always gives people a clean and simple feeling. This classic combination makes you look good throughout spring, summer, autumn and winter, and instantly makes you feel comfortable and casual. Is there anything more useless than small white shoes? Are there any more attractive shoes than small white shoes? The combination of girly feeling, super smooth rhythm, the key is very attractive~

5. Jeans + Booties

Jeans with short boots, the sense of fashion has never been surpassed, the biggest advantage is that it shows temperament, not good-looking, has a chic street style, showing a modern female image, good-looking and fashionable, such a matching rate is relatively high whether it is summer or winter. , fashionable and fashionable, looks casual and cool, very trendy style

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