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LJR Jordan 3 (20)

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The Replica Air Jordan 3 is a replica of the third pair of sneakers in the Nike Air Jordan series, designed by Michael Jordan in collaboration with designer Phil Peet. It is named after Jordan's "flying man" and is the iconic product of Air Jordan shoes. The Air Jordan 3 features avant-garde looks, craftsmanship and styling. It's been hailed as a compromise between portability and sturdiness. The leather is very comfortable, and the double-layer hybrid footbed improves the elasticity and support of the foot, making the whole shoe lighter. Equipped with wear-resistant rubber pedals, it has a first-class appearance and grip, which can greatly improve another feeling brought by wearing it.

The new replica air jordan 3 genuine and fake shoes under Hotkicks are all produced by LJR factory. LJR factory is a professional shoe manufacturer, pursuing precision OEM production and adhering to strict quality standards. They use trademark materials, carefully survey every detail of genuine shoes, every detail is under consideration, and strive to present it with a perfect posture! This classic shoe is designed to surprise you with every detail, so that you can enjoy the fine and elegant performance even more. The face is made of solid and durable PVC inclusions, and the exterior is embedded with a fashionable black Hainan Province holographic gravure pattern, which can effectively improve the elasticity and gloss of the surface texture and give it a sense of temperament. The midsole is made of high-elastic memory knitting—EVA+TPU is integrally formed, and the latest Air ZoomSolomon shoe music embedded air cushion makes Zac have enough strength to easily reach the freedom and protection of the feet.

HotKicks and the famous LJR factory recently formed a sustainable partnership. The Chinese manufacturer, which is growing rapidly around the world, is working hard to provide HotKicks with high-quality replica Air Jordan 3 shoes.
LJR Factory is a factory located in Guangdong Province, which is a famous enterprise famous for its technical ability. The company has a strong and mature information management system and experienced staff. In addition, the equipment used by the company is naturally state-of-the-art, and they are constantly updating materials and production processes to ensure the highest level of quality in the shoes they manufacture.

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