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LJR Jordan 4 (74)

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Replica Air Jordan 4 brand story:

Replica Air Jordan 4 is a replica of Air Jordan 4. The Air Jordan 4 generation, also known as "Old Love / New Love", is the first 19-type Jordan shoe, jointly launched by Michael Jordan and Nike, and officially released in 1989. The 4th generation of Air Jordan can be recognized. It is the first sports brand that Jordan Smith (Michael Jordan) joined in 1988. It was later recognized as the continuation of sports shoes in history, and Jordan has also achieved legend. The Replica Air Jordan 4 has a different look than its predecessors. The emphasis is on three dimensions. Designer Peter Moore applied three-dimensional pop elements to the midsole of the Air Jordan 4. Its bold look caught all eyes, and the Air Jordan 4 became one of the most popular retro sneakers of its time. In 1989, Jordan Brand officially launched the Air Jordan 4 to the market and launched new styles of White/Cement and Firefly UV-Away. The Air Jordan 4 also took off, quickly becoming an iconic piece of the rising new era. Subsequently, Nike carefully planned related activities such as co-branding and customization, which further promoted the popularity of Air Jordan 4, which has already surpassed the vision of the movement itself.

Replica LJR Air Jordan 4 Materials

The Replica Air Jordan 4 is made of high-end materials and is produced by LJR factory. For example, the upper body mainly uses flannel instead of cowhide, which not only ensures a high-end appearance, but also is lighter and more breathable. The upper of the new shoes also adds plexiglass, which incorporates elements into the bold design, and adopts a wrap-around design to better support the appearance and highlight the sense of fashion. In addition, the Air Jordan 4 sole also uses a high wear-resistant rubber road surface to provide the best comfort and safety, so that you don't have to worry about being trampled by the soles of your feet under any circumstances. All in all, this classic and eye-catching shoe is perfect for a variety of styles. Comfortable and light to wear, it gives people a great sense of surprise.

Currently popular engraved Air Jordan 4 styles are: Air Jordan 4 Retro SE, Air Jordan 4 Retro NRG, Air Jordan 4 Shattered Backboard, Air Jordan 4 Bred, Air Jordan 4 Fire Red, Air Jordan 4 Court Purple, etc.

The Replica Air Jordan 4 is a street sneaker known worldwide for its superior design, detailing and premium materials. Its leather upper provides excellent wear resistance and support, allowing you to move more freely while using it. Plus, the Air Jordan 4's silhouette is modern and stylish while remaining comfortable, so it's easy to pair with clothes and outerwear, whether it's activewear or on-trend.
Hotkicks has always been committed to providing high-quality shoes to the market, and has cooperated with many excellent manufacturers, and the LJR factory is one of them. Today, Hotkicks launched a new limited joint version, the Replica Air Jordan 4 generation, produced by LJR Made in the factory, the continuous launch of fourretroseasonal colors is amazing
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