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Relationship between LJR Factory and Hotkicks

The LJR factory partnership with hotkicks has been a long and complicated story. The collaboration between them is exciting to many as they share a common goal - to honor the heritage of handmade shoemaking and infuse beauty, quality and functionality into the truly premium products that are being made at this moment. Hotkicks and LJR factories have cooperated for many years. Although they are two independent companies, they have made full use of each other's advantages and launched a series of Replica Air Jordan 1 High, which is well received by the industry, and the price is affordable, which has received wide acclaim from customers. The LJR factory constantly adopts new management methods and technological transformation, continuously improves quality, increases consumer satisfaction, and continuously expands the agency relationship with HotKicks to avoid trust and inferior products, and is always committed to bringing the latest and efficient products available to customers.

LJR factory introduction

The LJR factory is located in Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China. It is a world-leading counterfeit sneaker factory, specializing in the production of various brands of Replica Sneakers, especially the Replica Jordan of the LJR factory. The workmanship is excellent, even better than the official original quality , so it has always been at the top of the replica market, and no one can shake its big brother status. LJR factory’s excellent craftsmanship and strong financial strength are in the leading position in the counterfeit sneakers industry. It insists on using authentic materials and imported machinery to produce shoes. High-quality products ensure the excellence of product quality. The traditional craftsmanship of the LJR factory is complemented by the hotkick, giving each pair of shoes a unique texture and quality. Each pair reflects the most astonishing sole construction created by the meticulous artisan collaboration who meticulously pursued every detail to perfectly interpret the iconic Air Jordan 1 High.
The collaboration between hotkicks and the LJR factory today has been widely praised by customers in the replica market, and their joint production of the Replica Air Jordan 1 High series has been appreciated by many reddit communities. Their design details, comfort and special texture are the result of a joint effort!
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