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OG Air Force 1 (55)

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Over the course of the past 35 years, the Air Force 1 has introduced more than 2,000 new shoes, and more materials, colorways and innovation processes have been tested for the Air Force 1 than any other Nike shoe. Google searches for replica Air Force 1 have tripled in the past 5 years. Sales of the women's Air Force 1 have nearly doubled over the past three years, and the Air Force 1 has gone from an American icon to a global icon. If we say that the most classic Air Force 1 style is the low-top all-white Air Force 1. Because it has important characteristics that are sought after all over the world across different ages and groups of people: low cut, pure white. This also makes it one of the best-selling replica shoes. AIR FORCE 1, launched as a basketball shoe, uses a leather upper and a soft lining. The most important thing is that the AIR FORCE 1 sole has a built-in NIKE AIR SOLE air cushion, which reduces the impact by 30%. At the same time, the concentric circle sole pattern on the left side of the forefoot was also considered a "black technology" at that time. With AIR FORCE 1, Nike subverted the basketball shoe market that was almost dominated by Converse at that time (presumably everyone knows the relationship between Nike and Converse now). The well-known air cushion basketball shoes were developed from AIR FORCE 1, because at that time , it is the only basketball shoe equipped with this technology. The AIR FORCE 1 of Hotkicks is also loved by the majority of sneaker lovers, and a large number of them are sold all over the world every year. After 37 years of ups and downs, NIKE AIR FORCE 1 is still a hot style in the retro shoe market. Everyone's preference for it is not just nostalgia. It appeared as a basketball shoe, taking into account durability and comfort. There are many colors and styles, and it also provides a good choice for everyone.

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